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Eagle Bowmen

We are an archery club in Penrith, Cumbria.

We have members of all ages and practice target archery and clout, with recurve, longbow and compound.

There are plenty of opportunities to enter competitions or just shoot on club nights - the choice is yours.

Indoor Winter Shooting

Eamont Bridge Village Hall, Penrith

CA10 2BH

e: eaglebowmen@gmail.com

T:  01768 866 670

Club Nights

Once you have done a beginners course  come along, practice  and have fun.

£2.50 each night you shoot



6.30pm - 8.30pm

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6.30pm - 8.30pm

It was a great night at the Awards Meal this year.  

 Well done everyone.

Club Championship Senior Winner  - Andy Carr

Club Championship Junior Winner - Bradley Ridpath

Club Championship Novice Winner - Joshua Johnston

Club Championship 2017

The Club Championship runs throughout the year from October. Any member of Eagle Bowmen can take part. Points are available for various things. There are monthly competitions on a club night which can be done on any of the club practice nights that particular week. It is based on a handicap system with additional points being awarded to the first ten. Its also a  great way to have a go at the various different rounds available and to practice scoring.

Points are also awarded for the following:

Entering a Competition (including club monthly ones) = 1 point

Entering a UK Record Status Competition = 2 points

Entering a World Record Status Competition = 3 points

Points are then awarded accordingly for coming 1st - 10th in a competition, in your own discipline.

There are also various other awards to be won which are given out at the end of the year at the Christmas Awards Meal. Its a great night out and as the points are kept a ‘secret’ throughout the year it can be a complete surprise to those getting an award.

Monthly Club Competitions

Awarded to the highest overall score for the monthly club competitions throughout the year.

2017 - Andy Carr

AGB Handicap Improvement Medal

Awarded to the club member that achieves the greatest outdoor handicap improvement over the year.

2017 - Doug James

 who improved his handicap by 7.

Shoot 5 different faces, one dozen at each.

2017 - Denise Lobley

Handicap Competitions



Shoot 5 targets at 5 different distances with 5 different target faces.

2017 - Andy Carr

Overall Highest Score

Combined highest scroe for both the indoor and outdoor handicap competitions.

2017 - Andy Carr

Overall Lowest Score

Combined lowest scroe for both the indoor and outdoor handicap competitions.

2017 - Michelle Burrow

Two competitions held once throughout the year on a club night

Club ‘Thank You’ Trophy

Awarded every two years to the person who has worked especially hard for the Club.

2016 - Andy Carr

Fledgling Award

Awarded to the novice archer, having been a member for about 6 months, that shows a lot of promise.

2017 - Andy Peacock

Try Try Again Award

Awarded when someone keeps on trying despite not quite getting there, again and again.

2017 - Doug James

For constantly trying the 252 Awards

Oops Award

Awarded to the archer who has a catastrophe in the year, a classic ‘oops’ moment.

2017 - Richard Sant

Dedication Award

Awarded to the archer who has put in the most work over the year.

2017 - Chris Battersby

Achievment Award

Awarded to the archer gaining the most club awards eg, badges, records and achievements, throughout the year.

2017 - Mike Warwick

Other Achievements this year

Lochlan Kirkwood - 3rd Class

Andy Carr - Merlin

Jamie Johnston - Merlin

Chris Battersby - Kestrel